Lexi Kristan

Certified Yoga Instructor


and Freelance Writer

Lexi is currently studying psychology at Colorado Sate University in Pueblo. She was born and raised in Pueblo and has an intense amount of pride and love for her hometown where she has started her successful entrepreneurial yoga teaching career. Her student’s range from kids to CrossFit athletes to stay at home moms to football players. She finds her bliss in teaching, practicing and writing about yoga. She has contributed stories to online yoga publications such as YogiApproved and Bad Yogi as well as local stories to the alternative newsmagazine The Pueblo PULP. She writes about everythig from finding humanely and sustainably raised meat sources to the conflict between big game hunters and vegans.

In response to her article, The Hunter vs Vegan Debate, Steven Rinella (Author of Meat Eater: Adventures in the Life of an American Hunter, and Volumes One and Two of A Complete Guide to Hunting, Butchering and Cooking Wild Game) and his team said,   “… you hit the nail on the head when you talk about the people who don’t consider where their meat is coming from being the real issue at hand, that is definitely a huge cultural hurdle we have when it comes to knowing what we’re eating.”

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In her free time Lexi likes to spend as much time outdoors as possible, especially at the family ranch just outside of Beulah. Here she helps with the family business by vaccinating and branding cattle, goes on early morning hunting trips, or practices her own kind of “dirt road” yoga. Her seemingly conflicting lifestyle of hunting, cattle ranching, vegetable growing, meat eating and yoga teaching is what inspired this blog and most of her writing in addition to her “yoga is for everyone”  philosophy.

Lexi believes that anyone and everyone can do yoga and it is a compliment to every lifestyle. So whether you’re a big game hunter or a vegan, kick boxer or “om” chanter, heart of the city or middle of the woods kind of person… or anything in between,  yoga is for you. And if you’ve tried it and haven’t liked it then chances are you need to try some different styles of yoga and different instructors. She is committed to bringing Pueblo as many varieties of yoga as she possibly can. She currently teaches vinyasa (dynamic flowing yoga with an emphasis on cardio activity- her area of expertise and certification), restorative (relaxing and healing), as well as athletic (yoga for athletes with an emphasis on intense stretching and muscle recovery).

Lexi was never athletic in high school. In fact, she struggled to pass gym class. Now she does Crossfit 3- 5 times a week in addition to practicing yoga every day. She owes all of her passion for fitness to yoga and has grown to believe that CrossFit and yoga are a perfect combination. Some of her most dedicated and well rounded students have been athletes, which is why she loves to work with them so much!

The more Lexi teaches the more she grows to appreciate her yoga studio and CrossFit box. She believes that she was meant to receive her training with all of the wonderful humans at Studio Share and leaves every class (whether she’s teaching or attending) with a smile on her face and a song in her heart. In addition, she believes that the confidence she has gained from CrossFitting and teaching at Devil Dogg CrossFit has made her into the person she is today. She believes that working with DDC’s non profit, Veterans Overcoming Obstacles ( bringing veterans holistic and mindful ways to deal with PTSD ) is the most important thing she has done since becoming an instructor and has ignited her passion for giving back to veterans in the best way she knows how.
As someone who loves green juice as much as she loves a good steak and preferred the debate team to athletics in high school she knows what it’s like to struggle to fit the “yogi” label in the traditional sense of the word. This is why she strives to teach a class in which people can come to feel safe and accepted and where they can cultivate a healthy practice and a happy heart. She can’t wait to meet you!

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You can also access her blog posts- like her articles but better, she says, because they’re the uncensored version- on the lefthand side of this webpage. In these posts you can find out about how she copes with being a walking yogi contradiction and how you can to. She’s blogged about self acceptance, falling in love, and forgiveness, in addition to helpful tips on how to be a mindful, meat eating yogi (get it… “well-done yoga”… yeah we think we’re pretty clever).

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