I’m blogging!

pug on the mat

Hey world! My name is Lexi Kristan and this is my family’s pug, Fiona! We are new to this blogging thing!

I’ve started this blog in an effort to further explore living a mindful life. I was raised in a family of hunters and outdoorsmen and discovered yoga later in life. Currently I am a college student studying psychology and attempting to balance a life in which we cook wild game meat every night and I get on my mat every morning.    I am so grateful for a life in which I can live as naturally as possible. I hope to relate to people who live a similar life to mine, and to explore the seemingly contradictory life of the hunter and the yogi. I have also recently been given the opportunity to become a contributor to my favorite yoga website. YogiApproved.com. My first article about eating with integrity is coming soon!

So welcome to Well Done Yoga!

Even if you don’t like your meat well done… even if you don’t like meat at all… come here to read about mindfulness and yoga adventures!