Being Obsessively Grateful (and happy day after International Yoga Day!)

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Hi friends! I wanted to put this post together for a few reasons. Firstly, yesterday was International Yoga Day!  I celebrated it practicing on the roof in the rain at Brue’s Alehouse with one of my favorite instructors and countless new friends (yoga on the rooftop is a weekly thing, check Studio Share’s Facebook if you’re interested).

In honor of a day that honors yoga I just wanted to give a huge shoutout to all of my fellow yoga teachers! Thank you all for pouring your heart in to healing people’s bodies and souls, for believing in the importance of yoga even when people doubt you, and for showing up every day even when there’s no money to be made. I’m convinced that yoga will one day change the world and I am so grateful that you all think so too. Keep doing what you’re doing!

Reflecting on my personal yoga journey got me to thinking of all the reasons to be grateful for yoga… I talk about gratitude a lot and you’d be hard pressed to find a post on my social media that doesn’t include an “I’m thankful/ grateful for” sentence or two but I saw a quote the other day that said “be obsessively grateful” and it really made me smile. Like, if you’re going to be obsessed with anything be obsessed with talking about your blessings and all that you have to be grateful for.  Gratitude= Happiness if you ask me. The more you wire your brain to think of all the reasons to be happy and thankful the more your quality of life will improve… So I though that in honor of International Yoga Day and a new goal to be “Obsessively Grateful” I’d expand on the last lesson in my “2 months later… everything I’ve learned from teaching yoga so far” post. The post itself was way too long (like all of my blogs) but this time that was mostly because I turned my blog into a list of everyone who has helped me so far on my yoga journey… a good problem to have! So here it is again, me talking about how much I love you all. Thank you for being you!…

I am so grateful for Christina, the time and effort she dedicated to my training, and the nonchalant way she told me she wanted me to teach at her northside location. Like it was the most matter of fact thing and that she had no idea that I was about to burst with excitement… she was the first person to believe in my dream and she continues to support me in about a million ways.

I’m grateful for Melissa, who welcomed me with open arms on my first day of teaching and who responded to my shameful apology about not wanting to work at St. Mary Corwin with a message that simply said, “no let downs here sister, I think you are pretty amazing.” A sentiment that meant more to me than words can say.

I’m grateful to all of the women in my teacher training and all of the instructors at Studio Share who continue to read and share my writing and occasionally attend my classes (where they laugh at my jokes even when they’re not funny). I love taking their classes and being inspired by their sequences and themes, you are all incredible! I love my yoga tribe!

I’m thankful for Paulo and all of his encouragement and instruction, and for believing in me even when I didn’t believe in myself, when it came to teaching or inversions. And for attending my classes, even when he taught me a huge chunk of everything I know.

I’m grateful to James at Ultimate Performance for reminding me to never give up, that building a following takes time and for trusting me to teach his athletes. I’m also thankful for all of the athletes who talked to me about their games and came to practice yoga with an open mind.

I’m grateful for Chris at Devil Dogg CrossFit who is now my CrossFit coach but who has been my biggest supporter, most dedicated student, and an amazing friend since day one. His belief in me and my abilities, in our capability to create and grow a yoga program at his gym, and his unwavering dedication to, not only yoga, but everything he does inspires me on a daily basis.

I’m grateful for Calee and Cora who are also on this adventure of “how can we get veterans and athletes to come to yoga?” with me and have quickly become my DDC yoga family.  your support and encouragement is so important to me. I love that we are all different but that we all have a passion for yoga and a belief that it really can change lives. And I’m grateful for our students who are excited about the gym’s growing yoga program and are willing to try all of our crazy ideas.

I’m eternally grateful for my parents who come to yoga classes as often as they can (even when dad lets an “oh shit” slip during eagle pose). They have and always will be my biggest supporters. As much as I love writing there will never be words, paragraphs, or novels, adequate to express all that they are and all that they’ve done for me. From dancing in middle school to debating in high school to days spent roping and barrel racing they have supported every dream I’ve ever had. And now they’re supporting this one with just as much gusto!

I’m grateful to all of my friends who have decided to start yoga again, or for the first time, and have made it to a few of my classes… out of all of the amazing and capable instructors thank you for choosing my class and allowing me to be a part of your yoga journey. I can’t express how honored I am.

I’m grateful for all of the people who make it to my class on a regular basis and who come when I’m nervous that no one will be there. My Aunt Kelly has been to every Sunday 8am class with her kids and having them there ready to practice and make me smile is something that I could never repay.

I’m also especially grateful for Matt and Morgan. Matt has been my ride or die since kindergarden and has always gone along with my latest obsession and craziest ideas (thanks for supporting yoga teaching! hopefully it’s more than a phase lol). Actually, just thanks for supporting me in everything I do and thanks for just being you! Morgan… I use to have a group of friends that I stayed out with until 3am and made bad decisions with- it feels good to know that they’ll always be there but what’s even better is that you’re the kind of friend I can make bad decisions with at 3am and who will still come to my yoga class the next day and brag to everyone about how well I’m doing. Friends like that are hard to find.

More than anything I am grateful to all of my student from the grumbling football player to my little cousin who has now decided she wants to be a yoga teacher when she grows up and everyone in between. I will always learn more from you all than I will ever be able to teach you.

Now, get out there an do some yoga and become obsessed with all that you have to be grateful for!

Namaste, my friends!

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