Yogi Approved Article (2,000 Shares!) and Collaboration with Bad Yogi!

Hi all!

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted. Things have been crazy… midterms, yoga teacher training, quitting my job, a yoga retreat in Boulder, and teaching a few yoga classes for practice… oh and my family would like to see me every now and then just to ensure that I’m still alive… but I do have some exciting announcements!

First of all I have a new article published on the Yogi Approved site. It’s called “6 Life Changing Documentaries Every Yogi Needs to See”.  I wrote reviews/summaries of the first 5 documentaries, and the editors at Yogi Approved inserted the last documentary (Cowspiracy) which I promptly emailed the editor with concerns about. So, incase you didn’t notice the “this suggestion was added by the editorial team” disclaimer before Cowspiracy just know that I wouldn’t include that on a list of must see documentaries. For several reasons, that I plan to write a post on later (yay for blog inspiration coming out of a stressful situation!) . Not trying to hate on any Cowspiracy believers/ watchers, because I’ve definitely watched it myself, just trying to remind everyone that even documentaries require fact checking sometimes.

Anyway… this article has gone on to receive 2.3k shares… granted at least five or six of those shares were me sharing the article several times as an update to how many shares it received… but the other 2,295 or so are people actually talking about and hopefully watching these documentaries! This is so exciting to me! Mostly because I no longer feel alone in my documentary obsession and because I feel as though these documentaries have the potential to really change people’s lives. So, I hope you will all give the article a read (it has trailers and summaries of each documentary in it) and let me know what you think!

6 Life-Changing Documentaries Every Yogi Needs to See (Free on Netflix!)

In other exciting news in the world of me, I have received an invitation to collaborate with the wonderful, sassy, and beautiful people at Bad Yogi! I received an email from their managing editor containing incredibly kind words about my articles on Yogi Approved and expressing a desire to have me write some pieces for them!  I submitted three different guest blogging ideas and she like all of them! So guess who has two thumbs and is the newest Bad Yogi contributor…. THIS GAL! You should be seeing my first piece up in April or May. Here’s a link to their site incase you’re curious about what they’re  all about…

Bad Yogi Blog

I don’t know about you but I think I’ll fit in perfectly 🙂

Also, I heard back from Steven Rinella’s Meat Eater team! Some of you might remember I sent an email following my “The Hunter vs Vegan Debate” article’s publication on Yogi Approved to Steven Rinella just letting him know that I referenced the crap out of him in my article and this is the email I received in return:

“”Hey Alexis–

I read your article and really think you did a great job of approaching this topic respectfully and carefully. I think you hit the nail on the head when you talk about the people who don’t consider where their meat is coming from being the real issue at hand, that is definitely a huge cultural hurdle we have when it comes to knowing what we’re eating.

Thanks so much for sharing this with us, really appreciate the thoughtful tone, we might be pulling more content like this in the future so if we have any writing projects that might fit within this area, I’ll keep you on my list to reach out 🙂

All my best–

Nicole from the MeatEater crew””

So that required about 30 minutes of dancing around the kitchen in excitement… I think the best part about all of this is that people are reading, and maybe in some cases even being touched by, my work and that makes it all worth it!

Here’s that article incase you haven’t gotten the chance to read it yet:

The Hunter vs Vegan Debate article

Finally, I will be finishing my teacher training as of April 3rd so keep an eye out for some incredibly sappy posts as the end of that adventure draws near.

Thank you all for your continued support! More blogs/ articles/ shenanigans coming soon!


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